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  • By Steve Hughes February 24, 2021 In Uncategorized

    Finding a digital offering for a traditional business Why Market Analysis Matters? What are your competitors doing? How can your customers purchase from you and support you in this new world? Produce a digital product, customers can view on desktop, tab and mobile. Build interest

  • By Steve Hughes January 18, 2021 In telecom

    Login to your Hughes Solutions control panel and either add a seat or convert an existing seat. (You cannot currently use the same seat as a live handset) If the Softphone Tab is greyed out then enable it under the ‘User Manager’ menu (requires administrator

  • By Amrit January 18, 2021 In telecom

    How is Hughes Solutions coping?  Hughes Solutions does have a central office in “The Business Centre in Morecambe” but all of our staff have the capability to work remotely from the moment they started working with us. The entire company has been working remotely since the Monday evening Boris Johnson announced the lockdown and this has

  • By Amrit January 18, 2021 In telecom

    We are pleased to announce our new updated softphone app. The improvements are about better call quality over 3 & 4G networks. The quality of calls when you are out of the office has now improved. For instance,  you are in the car you can

  • By admin January 4, 2021 In Uncategorized

    Hire your IT Manager today Escape the COVID 19 lockdown, technical problems Previous Next "What is really exciting is, we are being introduced to more and more new faces as they ask for help. " Steve Hughes IT Manager Experienced NETWORK MANAGEMENT We can carry

  • By admin January 4, 2021 In Education

    Zyxel Network Academy is a great pleace to study ! Zyxel Networking Academy is an online solution. The tutor has videos on each topic supported by documentation to recap the session.After studying a topic you get a short quiz just to make sure you picked

  • By admin December 31, 2020 In Door Access

    Ring Door Bells are not being re-called The Ring Door Bell company has issued new installation instructions for 350,000 doorbells in the United States, after some of the 2nd generation units have caught fire.Smart device maker Ring is urging hundreds of thousands of doorbell customers

  • By admin November 24, 2020 In Cloud Solutions

    Google will begin rolling out two significant changes to Hangouts and Google Chat in advance of the upgrade from Hangouts to Chat.Group conversations in Hangouts will appear in Google Chat. In this new experience, your users can move from Hangouts to Chat without losing their full list of

  • By admin November 17, 2020 In Development

    DrayTek routers can automatically prioritise SIP Voice over IP traffic over all other data, with no configuration required once this facility is enabled. The router checks for SIP Signaling packets used to establish Voice over IP calls and observes how those calls are set up.

  • By admin October 4, 2020 In Development

    Fast & Reliable Create a fast and reliable Wi-Fi network covering a large area with DrayTek’s new Mesh wireless system. Cover Large Areas Mesh Wireless is ideal for homes, office and large areas that are difficult to blanket with wireless coverage or for extending wireless

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    Over 25 years of AV industry innovation gives your company multi-layered protection with ESET.

    With ESET, you will never have to choose between security and performance.

    Over 25 years of AV industry innovation gives your company multi-layered protection with ESET.

    Every workstation and endpoint needs protection, with ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Remote Administrator you can easily implement and maintain a powerful anti-malware solution.


    Antivirus and Antispyware combats all threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms and spyware. Optional cloud-powered scanning allows whitelisting of safe files based on a file reputation database in the cloud, ensuring better detection and faster scanning. Protect your company against threats both known and emerging with advanced heuristics and comprehensive scanning options, including idle-state scanning which initiates a scan once the computer is not in use.


    ESET’s signature low system footprint ensures that your hardware runs faster for longer. A small update package keeps you protected against the latest threats without consuming all of your bandwidth. Prevent threats being brought into the company physically with Device Control, allowing you to block unauthorised CDs/DVDs and USBs.


    The Anti-Phishing module protects against fake websites which attempt to harvest sensitive information from end-users, such as passwords, usernames and banking or credit card information. ESET’s Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) protects against malware tampering with the registry of your endpoints and detects threats based on system behaviour.


    Edit GUI visibility for the end-user, reducing the system resources required even further if hidden completely. ESET security solutions protect against Mac based malware even on a Windows platform and vice-versa, ensuring that your network is secure regardless of the systems attached to it. Detect and uninstall other security software as ESET installs with RIP & Replace: transferring to ESET has never been easier.


    Antivirus and Antispyware eliminates all threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms, spyware.


    Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) give your IT staff extensive control over your entire network.


    Exploit Blocker strengthens the security of common applications such as web browsers, PDF readers, email clients and MS office components.


    Cross-Platform Protection prevents malware moving from one OS to another.


    Anti-Phishing defends end-users against fake websites looking to harvest sensitive information, such as passwords, usernames or bank/credit card details.

    Device Control allows you to block unauthorised devices (CDs/DVDs and USBs) from being connected to your systems.


    Idle-State Scanning performs a scan on your systems whilst they aren’t being used, avoiding interruption during the working day.


    RIP & Replace removes other security software during installation, making transferring from an under-performing antivirus even easier.


    Customisable GUI Visibility allows you to customise how much of the GUI end-users can see, can be set to Full, Minimal, Manual or Silent.


    Low System Demands fully protect your system or network with minimal system resources.

    Complete protection and award winning security for company endpoints

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